About Us


Kavandgan Kavir Sabz Company is the first manufacturer of flexible composite hoses in Iran, which since 2010 has succeeded in producing this product with the best quality worldwide, and also engineering, design, construction and installation of Roof Drain System to drain rainwater from floating roof tanks. 

The name of this company is also registered in the Ministry of Petroleum (AVL) system as the manufacturer of Roof Drain System and manufacturer of Flexible Composite Hose.

Flexible composite hoses in different layers and materials suitable for the type of service, for the transfer of oil and non-oil fluids from size 1 “to 12” in accordance with international standards (5842,13766,13765) BS: are produced.

Also, the design and construction of rainwater drainage system for tanks by this company will be based on API 650 standard.

The company cares about the high quality of products and customer satisfaction, so all the company’s products are produced to the highest international standards. Composite hoses are the most important products of this company and this product is always one of the most widely used tools in upstream industries such as oil, gas and petrochemical. In line with domestic production and applying the many years of experience of this company, by employing young people and elites, we have been able to meet the needs of industries and we have been proud in this field.

One of the unique features of our products is the use of the best materials and layers, all of which have standard certificates from prominent domestic organizations such as the Razi Foundation, Razi Metallurgy and Jihad Sharif Laboratory, all of which will be available.

Our strategy and approach has always been to produce important products in the oil industry and prevent the outflow of currency, and in addition to using experience and knowledge, we have been able to offer the best products.

One of our goals is to export composite hoses to neighboring countries such as the Persian Gulf countries, which are mainly active in the oil industry, and therefore one of our prospects is to export and exchange currency for the country.

The management of Kabandgan Kabir Sabz is aware of the fact that, relying on the current knowledge of the world, they offer products that, in addition to meeting domestic needs, many foreign names in this industry are not competitive with our products in quality and efficiency. Proof of this is having the same certificates and world standards.





Kavandgan Kavir Sabz Company, having a team consisting of engineers and craftsmen and relying on the latest world knowledge, we decided to meet the needs of most of the upstream industries in addition to being a leader in the field of manufacturing composite and flexible hoses. With the knowledge gained over the years, it has the ability to consult and manufacture composite hoses for a variety of functions based on the most up-to-date international standards.

In the world of industry and the dear oil-rich country of Iran, Kavandgan Kavir Sabz Company has always been able to meet one of the most important parts of the country’s needs. Therefore, all products and all parts used have the highest various approvals and valid in the country, so unlike all foreign and miscellaneous products, it will deliver its products with a 24-month warranty. This indicates the efficiency of the products and is a seal of approval on the quality of the hoses of Kavir Sabz.